Israel High school teachers threatens to continue with the strike.

Education Minister Kisch says he’s sitting down with Secondary School preceptors Association head Ran Erez for ‘ decisive ’ meeting to address gaps in collaborative payment accommodations.

A day before the launch of the academy time, high academy preceptors were still hanging Thursday not to show up for work as accommodations between the Finance Ministry and the Secondary School preceptors Association had yet to yield an agreement on payment raises.

Education Minister Yoav Kisch said that late addresses — the rearmost in a series of ferocious concession sessions this week — had ended with no advance regarding a new collaborative payment agreement rather of one that expired in February 2022.

Kisch said that he’d be sitting down with the head of the Secondary School preceptors Association, Ran Erez, on Thursday morning for a meeting he described as “ decisive. ”
preceptors in Israel have long complained of low hires, especially for new preceptors, and of delicate conditions similar as inadequate holiday
days, overcrowded classrooms amid a deficit of education workers, no pay for expansive introductory and other work done from home, and no fiscal benefits and pay raises grounded on the quality of their tutoring.

There are significant gaps between the sides, substantially regarding the size of the across- the- board rise for high academy preceptors. While the association is demanding that the yearly payment of each schoolteacher be boosted by NIS 2,000($ 530) — down from its original demand of NIS 3,000($ 790) — the storeroom is only willing to raise it by NIS 1,100($ 290).

In recent days, according to the Haaretz daily, the government has proposed a lower rise than the association demands, alongside a reduction of their daily work hours. The offer also would add an redundant hour per week of classroom tutoring — kindly
easing the deficit of force — at the expenditure of an hour presently devoted to small- group tutoring for scholars who need the redundant help.
Another gap between the sides, according to the report, is that the Finance Ministry is seeking a collaborative agreement that will be valid for six times — starting from the former deal’s expiration date 18 months ago — which would guarantee an extended period free of strike pitfalls.

The preceptors association is only willing to subscribe a3.5- time deal — which would mean accommodations would renew in a couple of times — citing the country’s “ unstable ” frugality.
Association head Erez told Channel 13 news last weekend that “ one hundred percent there will be a strike on September 1. We’re determined not to start the academy time and are preparing for a long strike. ”

Erez said Israel’s education system was “ destroyed and deteriorating. ”

He said 20 percent of tutoring staff positions aren’t filled, while “ numerous others are tutoring subjects they aren’t approved to educate,( and) scholars are being crammed into classrooms to overcome the lack of preceptors. ”

“ The education system should concern every citizen and parent. We’re the result, not the problem, ” Erez said.

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