Literacy and Mathematics finals are going to be conducted this week.

Youthful children will be given the occasion to showcase their spelling, mathematics and story- jotting chops at the Western Cape knowledge and Mathematics tests coming weekend.

About 18 seminaries shared in thesemi-finals last week, and Jewel Harris, the author of Growsmart and general director of Growthpoint Properties Cape Town, said that only eight seminaries made it to the tests.
The Growsmart Tests will be held at Oude Molen Technical HS on Saturday, September 9, and the prize- paying will be at the Aquarium at the Waterfront.

All these competitions are covered by Growsmart, an periodic Educational Programme that’s presently aimed at Grades 4, 5 and 6 in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Limpopo.

sharing seminaries are named by education departments. A tutor for each academy in each subject is responsible to co-ordinate Growsmart at the academy.

“ seminaries that made it to the tests for knowledge are Heideveld Primary School, Eikendal Primary, Delft South Primary School, St Mary’s Primary School, and Thornton Primary. And for Mathematics seminaries that made it to the tests include Dennemere Primary School, St Agnes Primary, beachfront Moslem Primary, St John’s RC Primary and Hawston Primary, ” said Harris.
The MEC for the Western Cape Education Department, David Maynier, said that after months of hard work by the contending brigades he’d like to wish every contender and academy good luck in the tests.

“ This a awful competition that contributes towards perfecting our learners ’ reading, writing and calculating chops. It also contributes towards our recovery programme – getting our learners#BackonTrack, ” said Maynier.

He also said that not only do the learners “ grow smarter ” as the competition rolls on, they also get the chance to make new musketeers, make a sense of cooperation and fellowship and admit a balanced cure of competitiveness.
“ And one simply ca n’t ignore some of the generous prizes that have been bestowed by Growthpoint parcels that will help ameliorate installations and coffers at our seminaries. We thank them for their uninterrupted support throughout the times, ” added Maynier.

The winning academy walks down with R800 000 worth of prizes. Prizes are also awarded to alternate and third place brigades. Every sharing learner will admit a instrument of participation, and from the semi-final position to the tests, a instrument and order.

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