Two men allegedly attacked and killed at school after attempting to rob pupils.

Two men, who tried to burglarize pupils, were allegedly overpowered, attacked, and killed by pupils on academy grounds in Newcastle, KwaZulu- Natal.

The incident, which left parents concerned about their children’s safety, took place at Mzamo High School, in Osizweni, on Tuesday
Sources said the brace had been boarding outside the academy after ongoing gang violence in the area.

The gang violence involves two gangs, with members progressed between 14 and 25, who call themselves “ The Last Warnings ” and the “ kids ” and have been, for times, terrorising the Osizweni community. It’s contended some gang members attend the academy.

One of the sources, who asked not to be named, said it was concerning that the suspects used the main gate to enter, which questioned the academy’s security.

“ It was chaos, the children are traumatised. At first, we allowed
it was the pupils who were killed but the culprits were the bones
attacked and killed. It ca n’t be that culprits and gangs can have easy access to seminaries and subdue the preceptors and pupils to pitfalls.

“ The department needs to do commodity about this. This speaks to the violence in this community, ” said a source, adding that there’s a high powerhouse rate among learners and they end up joining gangs and terrorising communities and seminaries.

KwaZulu- Natal parochial police prophet Colonel Robert Netshiunda verified the incident. It’s contended that two unknown men were standing outdoors a academy, allegedly staying to burglarize pupils.

Netshiunda said the two men tried to burglarize pupils after academy but the pupils ran back to academy.

“ The suspects were allegedly attacked and were set up dead in the academy parking area. Two pupils were slightly injured in the process. Osizweni police are probing two counts of murder after the incident, ” said Netshiunda.

The parochial education department didn’t respond to queries.

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