Over 91,000 couples benefits from the Pre-marriage education program.

The Ministry of Family and Social Services has reported on Thursday that over 91,000 couples have successfully shared in the Pre-Marriage Education Program since its commencement. Geared toward youthful grown-ups of single age who aspire to make a family, this action has aimed to equip couples with the necessary tools to embark on their connubial trip.

Family and Social Services Minister Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş underlined that thePre-Marriage Education Program was launched in 2013 with the primary intention of aiding couples entering the marriage phase to effectively prepare for their marital lives. In her statement, she emphasized that this bid not only benefits the couples but also contributes to the establishment of strong and enduring marriages.

The program, according to Göktaş, encompasses comprehensive training sessions designed to foster collective understanding, enhance conflict resolution chops, and promote the development of healthy and continuing connections. She articulated,” Through these educational sessions, we offer youthful individualities a holistic perspective on marriage and family life, equipping them with abecedarian communication and life chops that are essential for fostering accurate and effective interpersonal connections.”

Göktaş further bared that any eligible existent aiming to establish a family can partake in these training sessions, eased by seasoned experts in the field. In a remarkable statistic, she revealed,” In the once eight months alone, 91,000 youthful grown-ups have experienced this training, and since 2013, an emotional aggregate of1.6 million actors have served from ourPre-Marriage Education Program.”

The minister stressed their commitment to expanding the program’s reach through colorful trials, including enhancing coach qualifications and fostering collaboration with applicable stakeholders. Stressing the significance of hookups with institutional and organizational realities, Göktaş noted that the program’s influence is apparent in its collaboration with realities similar as the Gendarmerie General Command, Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy, the Ministry of National Defense, the police vocational training centers, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, as well as external and parochial mufti services.

Drawing attention to the ministry’s overarching vision of” Strong Individual, Strong Family, Strong Türkiye” as part of the” Century of Türkiye,” Göktaş conveyed their unvarying commitment to advancing family- acquainted education and comforting services. She placarded” Our fidelity to conserving and empowering families drives our sweats. We’re committed to enhancing our reach across the nation, nurturing mindfulness about marriage among our youth and immolation loyal support in the establishment of healthy homes. We’ll also conduct our powers into refining our educational content for enhanced effectiveness and sustainability while bolstering the capabilities of our coaches and counsels.

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