A teacher is chased by debit collector after Department of Education failed to pay

An Eastern Cape schoolteacher had to enter into a payment arrangement with debt collectors to settle her university freights after the parochial education department failed to pay part of the bursary she had been awarded.

Shandre Viljoen hauled the department before the Education Labour Relations Council( ELRC) for illegal labour practice in August. The disagreement dates back to 2018 when the department awarded her a bursary to study at Nelson Mandela University but failed to pay her freights in 2019 after she submitted her results.
The university handed her over to debt collectors and she made an arrangement to repay the plutocrat. Aggrieved, Viljoen approached the ELRC, which ruled in her favour and ordered the department to pay her R 12,704, after exhausting all internal avenues.

“( Viljoen) submits the disagreement arose during 2019, but couldn’t give a specificdate.However, the detention is expansive and a good explanation is needed, ” the ruling handed down by the ELRC’s Henk Jacobs on August 23 reads, If one takes into consideration the time period.

“ In this case,( Viljoen) stated Covid- 19 arrived during 2019 and later there was constant communication between the parties with an intention that the matter be resolved. ”
Jacobs blinked the late form.

The department didn’t dispute the data. A elderly administration officer, who deals with bursaries, admitted Viljoen was “ handed over for debt collection due to the department’s failure to pay( her) bursary ”.

“( The functionary) verified the department must pay the aspirant R 12,704.00, which was the quantum( Viljoen) had to pay the debt collector in terms of the 2019 approved bursary, ” the ruling reads.
Jacobs ruled in Viljoen’s favour.

“ The department committed an illegal labour practice relating to benefits when they failed to pay Viljoen her approved bursary for 2019.

“ The department is ordered to pay Viljoen R 12,704.00 in terms of the 2019 approved bursary by no latterly than September 25 2023. ”

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