Congestion of trucks at the border of South Africa and Mozambique: Quick mediation guaranteed

The N4 corridor from Lebombo to Maputo through land border posts is experiencing congestion and delays in the processing of trucks and cargo crossing the border.

The vague “specialized difficulties” are being handled with criticalness, the South African Income Administration, South African Police Administration, Line The board Authority, Street Cargo Affiliation and South African Relationship of Cargo Forwarders said in a joint proclamation.

The elements said they are “working cooperatively and with direness to reestablish line handling to ordinary as quickly as time permits”.

“Keeping up with the precise and nonstop development of trucks to the boundary is basic to empower the handling of trucks to occur on a manual and interval premise forthcoming the goal of the specialized difficulties being capable.

“To keep away from additional blockage, we demand trucks without a ‘continue to line’ warning status not to move toward the boundary and not to leave at the line while anticipating leeway records.

“We strongly recommend that all traders utilize the capability to pre-clear consignments.”

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