UJ keeps its top ranking in world’s best 2 000 universities

The University of Johannesburg( UJ) has been ranked among the top3.1 of universities worldwide, at a global position of 628.

This is according to the rearmost 2023 global ranking released this week by the Centre for World University Rankings( CWUR).

For the 2023 edition of the CWUR, 20 531 institutions were assessed, making it the largest academic ranking of global universities. Of those assessed, only the best 2 000 made the final cut to attain a ranking placement on the published global list.

“ CWUR ranked UJ at position 628 in the world, one place over from 629 the previous time, ” the university said.

“ There were 20 531 institutions evaluated, placing UJ among the top3.1 of the world’s best- performing universities, and retaining its public and indigenous positions at sixth in South Africa and seventh in Africa. ”

Since its debut in 2017 at position 951 in the world, UJ has constantly climbed the CWUR World University Rankings by 323 places over the last six years to its current 2023 global ranking of 628.

This is a noteworthy achievement, as UJ is the only South African university that has constantly bettered its position and climbed each time since it started featuring in the rankings.

The University of Cape Town( UCT) remains the best university on the mainland and has been ranked 267th worldwide, up three places from last time, according to CWUR.

Professor Sue Harrison, deputyvice-chancellor for exploration and internationalisation at UCT, said the university has formerly again proven its excellence in advanced education by performing well in this prestigious world ranking.
“ As a leading exploration- ferocious institution, we will continue to strive to integrate excellent and poignant exploration, and to remain at the van of slice- edge discovery and impact, ” said Harrison.

UCT is followed by the University of Witwatersrand and the University of Stellenbosch, independently

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