School teacher beats impaired pupil.

A Gauteng school teacher who allegedly assaulted and “ traumatised ” a impaired pupil and broke one of her hearing aids is still at work, seven months after the incident.

The womanish schoolteacher, only known as Ms Mashilo, got in hot water in October last time after she allegedly slighted Siphokazi Matlhaku and other pupils at Relebogile High School in Khutsong near Carletonville.

Siphokazi needed cerebral help after the incident, according to her medical record. Mashilo was arrested and released on bail. still, Siphokazi’s family latterly withdrew the felonious case after Mashilo apologised, with the stop gap that the Gauteng department of education would subdue her to an internal correctional hail.

The medical records seen by Flying News verified that Siphokazi was seen by a specialist from HearCare Private Hospital, who verified her right ear was poorly injured and demanded critical treatment after the beating.

“ The below- mentioned case was seen by HearCare. She has been our case for a while and she entered new hearing  aids. She was assaulted by her schoolteacher at academy and her right hearing aid had some damage. After the assault, she also experiences some pain in her ear. ”

“ The case is traumatised and it’s recommended that she be appertained to a psychologist for farther treatment, ” the document read.

Now Siphokazi’s mama , Sarah Matlhaku, who gave Flying News access to her son’s medical records, wants to know why Mashilo wasn’t suspended and charged in connection with the assault. She said she wasn’t happy that the department of
education has allowed Mashilo to continue with her life as if nothing happed.

“ I’m not happy that the school teacher who assaulted my impaired child so poorly is still getting her payment and plaguing our children every day as they weren’t indeed taken to comforting. She got arrested and released on bail but I decided to withdraw the case after she admitted and apologised. She paid the R25 000 medical bill, ” said Matlhaku.

Indeed though she withdrew the case, Matlhaku said the department was dragging its bases in dealing with Mashilo’s case. The irate mama said the study of seeing Mashilo in class made her child want nothing to do with training.

It’s contended that Masilo went to the grade 8 class where she asked the pupils to write a formal letter. still, some pupils didn’t write it duly. Mashilo allegedly got angry and started to poke Siphokazi and other children, while also pulling their hair.

In an interview recorded as videotape footage and seen by Sunday World, several pupils verified the schoolteacher went frenetic and assaulted them at arbitrary.

“ She assaulted Siphokazi so poorly that her hail aids got broken and fell to the ground. I saw her crying and she ran out of the classroom going to the top office. It isn’t the first time she slighted us. I flash back there was a time when she’d get into the classroom and make some jokes and when I laughed she started slighting me in the face, ” said one of the pupils who didn’t want to give his name stewing he might be targeted.

In another clip, another pupil said “ She told us that we disrespected her by failing to write the letter the way she wanted us to. That’s when she started to beat us. We cried but she continued. ”

Mashilo couldn’t be reached for comment as her phone was out. Her counsel, Edward Mathews, failed to respond to a request for comment.

Relebogile School Governing Body( SGB) speaker, Benny Kekana, said Mashilo hadn’t been suspended because they “ believe that she’s innocent ”.

“ rather of suspending her, we recommended that she be taken to another academy while the matter was being delved . Our disquisition as( the) SGB revealed that the schoolteacher touched the child and the hail aids fell to the ground and broke. The mama of the child just demanded plutocrat from the schoolteacher.

“ Now the schoolteacher is back then and tutoring. You know this schoolteacher has 25 times ’ experience in tutoring. She can not do such a thing. We’ll support her until the case is finalised, ” Kekana said.

While National Association of School Governing Body chairman Matakanye Matakanye declined to note on the suspense issue, he stressed that it’s illegal to apply carnal discipline.

“ Corporal discipline is outlawed, so the department needs to probe and if that’s set up to be true also the schoolteacher must be fired. I’m told the parent formerly accepted the schoolteacher’s reason and that’s wrong. They must allow the law to take its course without accepting justifications from the indicted. ”

Gauteng department of education prophet Steven Mabona failed to respond to the questions transferred to him via dispatch

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