Placement process and school applications for 2024

he Gauteng Department of Education( GDE) entered a aggregate of 324 756 Grade One operations and 432 219 Grade Eight operations.

The 2024 online admissions operation period ran successfully from June 15 to July 21 amassing a aggregate of 757 075 Grade One and Grade Eight operations.

The Gauteng Department of Education( GDE) entered a aggregate of 324 756 Grade One operations and 432 219 Grade Eight operations

According to the department, this success can be attributed to system advancements over the times, which are needed by nonstop stakeholder engagements and technological advancements.

The distinction between complete and deficient operations is
• evidence of hearthstone is valid, comprehendible and authentic.

• No documents no evidence of address submitted.

• Partial documents submitted, but no evidence of hearthstone submitted.

• The aspirant is good according to one of the qualifying criteria( HAWSFZ, stock, former academy, work address in academy confluent zone, HAW30KM, HAB30)
• Submitted documents evidence of home address are invalid, unreadable or not authentic.

• operation is reused for placement.

• Applicant entered placement offer during placement period( from September 4).

seminaries with available space will be opened for parents to elect for placement from December 11.

Placement period
Admissions placement period for grades one and eight will begin on September 4 and will continue throughout the remainder of the time until all learners are placed

Placement offers
From September 4, parents and guardians with complete operations will admit SMSes with placement offers to the contact figures they used when applying.
Parents/ guardians will also have to log on using their credentials to accept an offer as final or accept while awaiting other offers within seven days( please avoid playing the waiting game).

SMSes will be transferred out continually from September 4 until all learners are placed. This means that not all aspirants will admit an SMS on the first day of the placement period, but must anticipate an SMS anytime from September 4 and throughout the time
still, there’s no need to horrify as aspirants are welcome to use their credentials to log on to www, If parents and guardians haven’t entered to check whether a placement offer was issued or not.

In the event an SMS states that your child has been placed in Grade One or Grade Eight at a certain academy, this will be regarded as a successful placement to the mentioned academy.

There will be no need for a parent/ guardian to pierce the system to accept an offer in that regard because the child would be placed at the mentioned academy.
Forgot word/ lost credentials
Parents and guardians who may have forgotten or lost their credentials must click on “ Forgot word ” on the wharf runner and follow the prompts to recapture access to the system.

Alternately, parents and guardians are welcome to interact with call centre agents on 0800000789 or WhatsApp on 0608910361.

typically, high volumes of calls are entered during the placement period, and the department’s services witness a high number of walk- sways from parents guardians. The department pleads for tolerance and understanding as the officers work hard to help everyone.
Placement criteria
Parents and guardians are reminded that the placement offers are grounded on the following criteria considered in order of precedence below( not first- come- first- serve)

1 – Home address within the academy’s confluent zone

2 – Stock( s), former academy

3 – Work address within academy’s confluent zone
4 – Home address within 30 km compass

5 – Home address beyond 30 km compass

Parents and guardians are also reminded that placement according to the below criteria is determined by the capacity of each academy.

Placement of unplaced learners
Parents/ guardians are reminded that all placement is subject to the precedence of placement criteria and vacuity of space( capacity) per academy.
thus, aspirants that can not be accommodated at seminaries they applied to due to the seminaries having reached capacity, will admit transfer offers of placement at the coming closest academy with available space.

Transfer offers are made only after evidence that none of the seminaries to which a parent applied has available space.

Parents/ guardians who are offered placement at seminaries that they’ve not applied to have the option to accept or decline the placement offer. To allow a fair admissions process, provision is made for expostulations and prayers.
aspirants who are offered placement at seminaries that they’ve not applied to have the option to accept or decline the placement offer.

To submit an expostulation, the parent declines the placement offer, and completes an electronic expostulation form online. expostulations must be submitted within seven days of entering the placement offer.

Note that when placement is offered at one of the seminaries that the parent applied to, expostulations and prayers aren’t applicable.
All expostulations are delved on merit and an outgrowth is handed within 14 days of submission.

aspirants who decline the expostulation outgrowth may submit an appeal online within seven days of entering the expostulation outgrowth.

prayers are reused and responded to within 14 to 21 days of damage. Parents must note that the appeal outgrowth is final.
expostulations and prayers
aspirants who don’t accept placement offers within seven academy days will be bus- placed at the academy that made an offer of placement.

It’s important to note that placement is prioritised for aspirants with empirical home addresses within the academy confluent zone and closest to the academy and where space is available. When seminaries reach full capacity, aspirants will be offered placement offers from seminaries with available space.

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