Child Protection Week is a significant point of support in offering help to families

Democracy gave children a voice and guaranteed freedom and rights for all citizens. Children in South Africa are protected by our Constitution, which upholds everyone’s rights, equality, and dignity. The South African Constitution makes it both a fundamental value and an obligation to safeguard children from exploitation, violence, and abuse.

The constitution of South Africa established rights to ensure that all citizens are treated fairly and equally when the country became a democracy. Extraordinary privileges were additionally given to kids, to ensure that they have the best beginning throughout everyday life. Child Protection Week was established by the government in 1997 and has since evolved into a 365-day Program of Action led by the Department of Social Development in collaboration with other government departments and organizations representing civil society.

The annual celebration of Child Protection Week aims to promote understanding of children’s rights and encourage all sectors and communities to embrace the holistic development, care, and protection of children.

This year, “Let us Protect Children During Covid-19 and Beyond” is the theme. We can safeguard our youngsters by ensuring that they get decent fundamental instruction, healthful food and clinical consideration assuming they become ill. We likewise have an obligation to guarantee that kids are shielded from being compelled to work, and that they experience no sort of physical or psychological mistreatment.

RISIHA is more than just a program on paper; it is already transforming lives and having an impact. Social Development child and youth care worker Busisiwe Mhlanga claims that in order to foster a healthy and independent environment, they have been assisting children with their homework and chores. Children are taught how to adapt and take care of themselves during their home visits. They additionally lead interviews with more distant family individuals to comprehend what the family needs.

Amazingly, this program continued throughout the Covid-19 lockdown. Regardless of the conclusion of passages during lockdown level 5, the program offered types of assistance to 192 741 youngsters inside their homes.

Kid Security Week is a significant support point in offering comprehensive help to families, and assists with guaranteeing admittance to many youngsters’ administrations, so all families have the chance to give each kid an extraordinary beginning. It likewise upholds associations that attention on kid wellbeing and advancement. It further focuses on youngsters’ issues; highlights accomplishments and identifies what remains to be done to provide them with a secure environment.

Every year, the government urges all South Africans to support Child Protection Week by preventing abuse of our society’s most vulnerable members. We as a whole have an obligation to really focus on, and safeguard the freedoms of youngsters.

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