After a heated interview, PA leader Gayton McKenzie is planning to avoid the media.

The leader of the Patriotic Alliance, Gayton McKenzie, has stated that he will no longer engage with members of the media because they frequently bring up his criminal past in interviews.

McKenzie stated that he was opposed to working with South African media.

“The South African media are only interested in portraying me as my past rather than my views or vision.

I have considered this action for many years. He stated on Twitter, “I am finally at a point where I will no longer be assisting and abetting the very people who would like to see my downfall.”

McKenzie said his choice had persevered over his political perspectives and his perspectives on unlawful outsiders.

He also made the decision because he thought that SABC News host Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh treated him unfairly when they appeared to fight during an interview about the only white town of Orania.

Even though McKenzie acknowledged that Orania was a racist town, Mpofu-Walsh wanted to excuse McKenzie for claiming that the locals were friendly.

McKenzie stated, I realize what brought about this media surge and shamefulness. I am certain that my views on illegal immigrants and my leadership of the party will prevent the DA from retaining the Western Cape majority.”

McKenzie acknowledged and offered his apologies to the handful of journalists who, he claimed, had only been concerned with reporting the truth. JJ Tabane, Sakina Kamwendo, and a few others who were not named were among them.

The president of the PA, who also exempted South African journalists from hearing his side of the story, pleaded with journalists to stop contacting him. He added that all news concerning him, including pessimistic stories, would be shared or replied on his own virtual entertainment stages, going ahead.

This final decision, he claimed, had taken him many years and a great deal of reflection and soul searching.

“I have been a willing member in this plan to obliterate me and the party that I have a place with, the Devoted Collusion. Today is the last day, he said.

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