Sonia Booth is a living evidence that failures can be turned into lemonade

Sonia Booth laughs loudest after heartbreaking ‘ cheating reproach ’
Former model Sonia Booth is a living evidence that failures can be turned into lemonade.

Sonia has piggybacked on her estranged hubby Matthew Booth’s alleged heartbreaking infidelity reproach, which was dubbed#cheesecakegate, and fashioned her alcoholic brand named Marula Cheesecake.

The drink will be officially launched on June 16 in Pimville, Soweto, where she was born further than 40 times agone
. The launch, which will coincide with the festivity of Youth Day, is anticipated to be attended by a bevy of high- profile personalities from all walks of life.

The cheesecake reproach came to the fore when Sonia posted on social media a videotape that went viral, depicting a cheesecake which she contended was ignited by Matthew for his doxy Bongani Mthombeni- Moller.

She contended her hubby exposed Mthombeni- Muller to his culinary prowess by incinerating her a cheesecake on the dusk of their son’s birthday.

Both Mthombeni- Moller and Matthew have since denied knowing each other in any biblical sense, saying they were just platonic musketeers.

Sonia capitalised on the fashionability of the videotape and the sympathy she amassed from the public and started a cheesecake business.

After shooting the light out with a cheesecake business, she ventured into making cheesecake ice- cream. She has now spread her tentacles and cut her teeth in the firewaters assiduity.

Speaking to Sunday World, Sonia said she was on pall nine about her drink and its name. “ The launch will see four different amalgamations being introduced and served, ” she said.
“ Fact is, downtime is within and loadshedding presents challenges when it comes to sustaining a frozen goods business.

“ I suppose the time is now to introduce a liqueur that will keep us warm, ” she added, stating that after the reproach broke out, numerous people associated with “ cheesecake ”.

Sonia said she took a decision to launch the brand in Pimville because the township is close to her heart.

“ Pimville is my motherland, this launch is special to me. My mama was 14 times old on June 16 1976, she was among the scholars who protested, so the launch date is significant, at least I hope. ”

Sonia and Matthew, who have two children, separated a many times ago after she indicted him of having anextra-marital affair with Mthombeni- Moller, who’s married to a University of Cape Town hand, Klaus Muller.

They’re now sleeping in two separate bedrooms of their posh connubial pad in Eagle Canyon, in the north of Joburg.

preliminarily, Sunday World reported that Sonia had applied for protection order against Matthew at the Roodepoort justice’s court, after criminating him of breaking the restroom door during one of their violent domestic violence incidents.

She has since abandoned the operation process after suffering from fear attacks, among others.

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