Gauteng admissions to open.

Online operations for grades 1 and 8 admissions for the 2024 academic time will officially open on Thursday.

Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane on Sunday outlined the operation and placement process for online admissions.

Chiloane said the admissions will follow a single operation process, meaning parents and guardians applying for grades 1 and 8 will all apply at the same time. Offers will also be issued at the same time during the placement process.
The MEC has prompted parents to follow through with the processes until completion.

“ During the operation period, aspirants will be needed to produce login credentials( username and word) which they will use to pierce the online admissions system. Once aspirants have gained access to the system, they must begin with the enrollment process and insure they follow each operation step rightly, ” said Chiloane on Sunday during the media briefing.

He also gave assurance that the system has been bettered and will operate much better than it did in the former times.

Parents are encouraged to use the home address within the academy confluent zone operation option in order to see the seminaries with confluent zones that cover their home addresses.

“ To increase the chances of placement closer to the parent’s home address, parents should elect seminaries with confluent zones that cover the parent’s home address. Parents are encouraged to apply to a minimum of three seminaries and a outside of five seminaries for each learner. Parents must flash back to read and accept the terms and conditions. ”

Matome added that parents and guardians must insure the information on the documents they give matches the information they enter into the system when applying. All documents must be submitted within seven days of applying.

operations will close on July 14 at night, and the first placement will start on September 4. He also encouraged parents to snappily accept their offers to help free up space on the system for others.

Meanwhile, the KwaZulu- Natal Department of Education has also encouraged parents to apply before operations close to avoid bummers.

“ Parents and guardians are encouraged to apply long before the ending date, as this will allow the department to deal with all the prayers and place learners who would have applied but failed to secure places, ” said KZN Education MEC Mbali Frazer.

She further prompted parents and guardians to cooperate with the department and heed this call, so that on the first day of the 2024 academic time, seminaries can concentrate on tutoring and literacy, and not on gratuitous executive duties pertaining to learner admission.

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