Robotics Campion in Western Cape to represent the province in the national competition.

Blake Lawrence won first place at the World Robot Olympiad and he’ll be sharing at the National Robot Olympiad in Johannesburg.
Cape city – Two learners from Riverside College have earned an occasion to showcase their bents coming week. After taking first place at the World Robotic Olympiad, Blake Lawrence and Abigail Schubert will now be sharing at the National World Robotic Olympiad latterly this month.

Blake, a Grade 5 learner at Riverside College, and Abigail, a Grade 6 learner at Panorama Primary, will be contending against the top 18 brigades in South Africa.
Blake joined Booster Kids Club at the morning of 2022 and this is the first robotics competition they’ve won.

Blake said that winning first place feels amazing.

“ I’m thankful to my schoolteacher, mate and everyone who made this possible, we make a great platoon. utmost of all, I’m proud of myself. ”

He said they were preparing for the regionals by attending further robotics classes and exercising our rendering every day at home.

“ I suppose robotics would be a great programme for all seminaries, ” he added.

His mate, Abigail, said she didn’t know that she was able of winning the parochial competition. She said she had a lot of fun doing robotics and rendering.

Carlien Ellis, the star of Riverside, said the academy was proud of Blake’s achievement.

“ Well done, Blake. We’re so of what you have achieved in robotics. This is an achievement that he works on in his own time and he shows total fidelity to the exertion. He’s an exceptional learner of our academy, ” said Ellis.

Blake’s achievement brings excitement to everyone around him.

His father, Kyle Lawrence, said he was proud of his son’s achievements.

“ I’ve little mistrustfulness that he’ll do an amazing job at citizens. He’s committed and utmost of all is having fun, which in itself is an amazing way for our children to learn. The exposure and openings that this presents is nothing short of amazing, ” said Lawrence.

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