Department of Education in Gauteng to close Crowthrone Christian Academy

The Gauteng Department of Education issued Crowthorne Christian Academy with a notice of check on Friday.
prophet Steve Mabona said officers were denied entry at the academy on Thursday.
He added this showed the academy wasn’t open to its intended station of resolving the dreadlocks drama precipitously
The Gauteng Department of Education has issued Crowthorne Christian Academy a notice of check after the academy denied its officers entry on Thursday.

Department prophet Steve Mabona said the department would place the pupils at indispensable seminaries because the academe wasn’t” an institution that can effectively educate children”.

He added the department prompted parents to communicate it for placement backing.

Mabona said the department was” dumbfounded” after the Midrand academy denied entry to its officers and law enforcement agencies.

He added the academy’s gates were closed, and there was no response to several attempts to reach it.

Mabona said this showed the academy wasn’t open to its original intended station of support and development, which would have included aiding it with following proper enrollment channels.
On Monday, the department said the academy was closed indefinitely before issuing the notice of check.

The academy came under fire after the star’s hubby, Andries Hendrik Booysen, was caught on videotape pushing a pupil and her mama before this week after the academy allegedly indicted her of violating the academy policy because she had dreadlocks.

The woman said she went to the academy to explain her son didn’t have extensions and it was dreadlocks, which were her natural hair.

An argument replaced between her and Booysen, who also pushed them.

Booysen was arrested and charged with assault. He’s out on bail on the condition that he mustn’t communicate the substantiations directly or laterally. He’s anticipated to appear in court again on 2 October

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