DA suggests that Basic Education protects learners

DA MP says recent crime statistics have revealed that learners are still facing troubles similar as murder and rape at seminaries.

The first quarter crime statistics of2023/24 have revealed that seminaries remain places of peril and violence and not the safe havens they’re meant to be.

Between April and June this time, 19 murders and 67 rapes passed on educational demesne. Of these, 15 murders passed on academy demesne, one at a preschool, and 3 at tertiary institutions. 53 rapes passed at seminaries, 5 at seminaries for learners with special education requirements( LSEN), 15 at institutions of advanced literacy, and one at an early nonage development( ECD) centre.

It’s also concerning that the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, failed to reference information from her parochial departments regarding the Fourth Quarter 2022- 23 crime statistics that indicated that eight murders, 14 tried murders, 84 rapes and 238 incidents of assault with intent to beget grievous fleshly detriment passed on the demesne of educational installations.

Taking into account that not all cases are reported, the rate of rapes and other cases of sexual abuse might be much advanced. It’s clear that the Department of Basic Education must do further to insure safe surroundings for learners.

The DA’s introductory education policy focuses on a total of society approach to address the problem of unsafe seminaries.

The Western Cape’s safe-deposit box seminaries Programme has colorful programmes that insure safety in seminaries by taking into account the part of colorful surroundings in the learners ’ lives that might affect their safety. The programme focuses on creating safe structure that would minimise openings for abuse, experimental programmes to appreciatively impact parent, schoolteacher and learner behaviours, and icing the perpetration of safety programs and reporting structures. We also recommend the automatic addition of preceptors who have been set up shamefaced of abuse to the Child Protection Register, as well as devoted sickie-social support in the 805 linked high- threat areas.

The DA will ask Minister Motshekga to regard to Parliament regarding these terrible statistics, as well as her plans on keeping learners safe

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