Saru’s image has been negatively impacted by recent violent incidents

In a letter to its provincial affiliates, the South African Rugby Union (Saru) expressed its deep concern and disappointment over the recent spate of violence against club players and match officials.

They want their provincial affiliates to enforce Saru’s zero-tolerance policy, which they are eager to implement.

The domestic custodians of the game want to put an end to mean behavior, as more violent incidents have occurred in recent months.

Last weekend a Boland Association A match was deserted after a player from Porterville was wounded during the halftime break by a rival from the Never Depression club in Malmesbury. This came quickly after it was reported that Jeffreys Bay Club’s home games were canceled after three PE Harlequins players were stabbed. Earlier, Kowie United was banned by the Eastern Province Rugby Union after a player fight and an attack on the referee.

Saru has had enough.

Alexander wrote, “I implore you to deal out the harshest sanctions permissible under your Union’s regulations.” He then urged provinces to prohibit the perpetrators from attending matches and related club events for life [if appropriate].

He additionally believes that them should consider forcing fines or punishments on the clubs addressed by these people and encouraged disciplinary councils to completely act speedily and examine occurrences.

“We send a clear message that such conduct has no place in our sport by demonstrating a zero-tolerance policy toward violence among supporters. It is fundamental that we focus on the security and prosperity of all participants, including players, authorities, and individual allies,” Alexander composed.

“We can attempt to ensure that our clubs thrive as beacons of integrity and camaraderie by taking decisive action against incidents of violence.”

Alexander asserted that Saru’s image has been negatively impacted by recent violent incidents.

“They have made headlines here and abroad, and South African rugby can only sulk in shame over the harm done to the victims’ health and well-being and our sport’s reputation. We must immediately and decisively deal with these issues.

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