Ntobeko Sishi, who plays in Gomora, leaves the show to concentrate on music.

Entertainer and vocalist Ntobeko Sishi is exchanging places from being before the camera as an entertainer to a day to day existence behind the mouthpiece.

The actor, best known for playing the rebellious teenager Ntokozo Dlamini on Mzansi Magic’s hit telenovela Gomora, has signed a recording label deal. In his new EP, A Night in the Hills, he explores a variety of persuasive melodies and combines them with his sultry vocals.

The multi-hyphenated singer-songwriter discussed with Sowetan S Mag how his love of acting and music both taught him honesty.

“I can’t exchange representing music or the other way around, they all coincide inside me. The 23-year-old actor stated, “If I go months without writing a song, I feel like I’m dying inside… the same goes for acting.”

“A break is needed because delving into a character’s mind is both thrilling and draining. Be that as it may, with music, I’m portraying my accounts which are more straightforward to do.”

Sishi used to use music as a means of escape when he was young. He makes sense of that his music vocation had forever been a part of him where he can recount to genuine stories that dwell inside him.

He continues, “Music is what I live and breathe… I used to do it before acting became a thing.” Despite the fact that I was working on a telenovela, I noticed that acting was kind of taking up most of my time because I would be on set almost constantly. Although I appreciated the stability of receiving a monthly salary,

“Yet, now that I am endorsed to a record name, I can completely take on my music vocation… something I’ve been pushing towards for my entire life.”

Sishi stated that his primary objective is for his fans and music lovers to understand the kind of singer he is first, as he steadily shifts the tide of getting the masses who love him for his acting skills to fall in love with his music.

“I can’t describe my sound because I’m still finding it, but future projects will assist me in narrowing that down to a sound that is best suited to me. A great deal of the time my music sounds more like a ‘expressive dance sounding wistfulness’… something that feels like a memory that takes advantage of your sentiments and takes you back in time,” he said.

My music incorporates funk, pop, trap, and hip hop, but it’s not the most mainstream R&B. There is likewise society tunes which many order as ‘white individuals music’ which I grew up paying attention to.

“Seeing that individuals have been tossing such remarks towards me, I’ve chosen not to take off from ‘my white individuals listening self’ yet to upgrade it since a component makes me an interesting craftsman.”

Sishi’s ability to hear different sounds has been shaped by his upbringing in the Methodist church. He recalls moments when he was captivated by the choir’s youth choir and grown church women’s melodies, a memory that still holds a special place in my heart.

When it comes to music, Kanye West is someone I greatly admire. He has been my greatest motivation since I was a kid. He made a remark, “I hope to do the same one day as Yezzy knows how to effortlessly incorporate gospel tunes and melodies into his songs.” Michael Jackson, Drake, and Frank Ocean all contributed to the definition of my sound’s eclecticism.

Sishi uncovered that he accepted his fans were prepared for his music as he insinuated battles with emotional well-being and the genuineness he drew nearer with his songwriting. ” I’m powerless, I’m bear in my music and that’s what my actual fans value.”

Sishi’s dream came true when she was able to portray Ntokozo Dlamini. However, he goes on to say that fame caught him off guard. I had no tendency that all of this would happen to me so soon in my profession on the grounds that, at that point, I had as of late graduated with my subsequent degree,” he makes sense of.

I told myself at the time that I wanted to be a performing artist, but I had no idea how. I recall receiving a call from the show’s producers informing me that they had seen my audition three years earlier and wanted me to audition for the role of Ntokozo.

“I was taken aback, I couldn’t understand what was happening, but I told myself it was God’s divine timing because I couldn’t have foreseen it.”

Sishii recalled meeting Zolisa Xaluva, an actor he had only seen on Generation, and Thembi Seete, who ended up being his parents on the daily telenovela, during the audition round.

“I thought to myself, ‘ Wait! What’s this about? What’s going on? Are Jason and Thembi present? He exclaimed, “Then I realized that this might be a big show that I’m now a part of.”

“The show proceeded to turn into a peculiarity and it was so superb to work with individuals who coached and directed me since I didn’t have any idea what on God’s green earth I was doing from the beginning yet fortunately for me, Katlego Danke let me know something that I will always remember which is to “shut out the cynics and simply give my all”.

Even though he describes his first job as “a dream,” Sishii expresses his gratitude for having been a part of a show that changed the way South African television should tell stories.

“I left the show having greatly improved my acting and role-playing skills. “When we shut down Grayston Drive at night to shoot our very first scene, where I introduced Ntobeko to the viewers, it was my most memorable moment on set,” he stated.

“Another is of me and Zolisa crying at the passing of Langa played by Siyabonga Xaba. At the time Melusi had quite recently figured out that Langa was his child and presently he’s lost him. Additionally, Ntokozo realized that he had lost his half-brother.

“As Teddy, Ntokozo’s best friend, played by Sicelo Buthelezi, I also enjoyed my interactions with him. We shared so many magical moments and had such a wonderful brotherhood. I loved watching how the friendship came across on screen.

“I have not completely closed the door to acting; I hope to one day portray the brilliant Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse or the great Hugh Masekela in a biopic.

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