Musa Motha is backed by Mentor on Britain’s Got Talent.

At the point when choreographer and artist, Gregory Maqoma, saw tragically handicapped person artist Musa Motha strolling into his Newtown-based studio in Johannesburg with his two bolsters to try out, he was astounded.

Maqoma signed Motha up for a Vuyani Dance Theatre Company development program after being impressed by his group dance performance. However the tryouts were available to everybody, Maqoma said he had never tried out somebody with a handicap.

During the tryouts, Maqoma said he never permitted sympathy to abrogate his judgment on Motha’s capacity.

Maqoma told Sowetan prior to Motha’s Sunday performance in the grand finale of Britain’s Got Talent, where he will be flying the SA flag, that he believes his protégé is capable of winning this competition. The Sunday performance is eagerly anticipated by his friends and fellow dancers.

“I said, “This guy must fight for his place just like everyone else who is here” when I saw him enter the auditions. He was with a group and demonstrated a stronger desire for it. He was able to secure a place in our program thanks to his determination and perseverance. However, Musa’s goals were crystal clear from the moment he joined our development program. Maqoma stated, “He stated he wanted to go perform in New York, and as the company, we made it happen.”

His second wish was to join a dance company outside of South Africa, which has come true. His third was to perform on a global stage and it likewise turned into a reality. The Britain’s Got Talent stage is the biggest. As his coach, I’ve generally pursued ensuring he accomplished his objectives. In our planning, it was essential for me to ensure that it took place as we moved forward. I know it is his time to shine, and seeing him on that stage means a lot to me.

Maqoma said that Motha never wanted to be treated like a child during training.

He stated that he desired to be tested like every other dancer in the program.

Musa never wanted to be babysat because he is a sponge. He wrote a lot and worked extra hours on assigned tasks. We mentor them each year and assign them the task of creating a solo work that reflects their own life journey. They exhibit it at the end of the year. He continued, “Musa created his own work.”

“It is the energy and love for what he does that put him where he is. He was driven to push and never settle for less by the same love of dance. Musa didn’t want to be the best in the disability community; he wanted to be the best in the business.

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