More than 30 000 children are in foster care in the Western Cape.

All of us ought to devote at least some time to contemplation of our present and our future during Child Protection Week in South Africa, which runs from May 29 to June 5.

It is common knowledge that life is not easy for South African children, particularly in these trying times. Taking a moment to reflect on the challenges our children face may be more crucial than ever.

More than 30.000 children in the Western Cape were in foster care as of March.

Somewhat, this is uplifting news: It indicates that the government of the Western Cape is ensuring that children are placed and receive the necessary assistance. However, it is worried that such interest exists in any case.

It indicates that an excessive number of children are left without the necessary support system. And keeping in mind that the common government attempts to make up for this with child care and its imaginative nurturing programs, all of society should meet up to frame a really mindful, more strong social texture.

The world that our children will inherit—their lives, the jobs they will hold, and ultimately the nation—must be evaluated by us. It is up to us to alter that vision if it is not the one we desire.

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