Manager emphasizes the significance of social care for boxers Mlandeli Tengimfene

The boxing manager, believes that it is better to remain silent than to do anything about the scourge of drugs, which includes crime.

Because the majority of boxers lack academic credentials, he is most concerned about them. They live with hunger and poverty every day, and the fact that they don’t fight much adds to their misery of being paid so little that they drown in alcohol or, even worse, drugs.

Tengimfene has dealt with skilled fighters who were drugged. Their skill is refined at his All Winners Boxing Club in East London, where Zolani Tete, a former WBO bantamweight world champion, resides.

The brave man who won the 2018 BSA manager of the year award for his heroic efforts in reorganizing their lives and making Tete a global star has invited others who have made significant contributions to transforming the lives of such people.

He stated that the individual is Monkstown Boxing Club trainer Paul Johnson from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Johnston was honored by the royal family last year for the many years he spent serving as a coach and mentor to hundreds of underprivileged children in his home country.

He established the cross-community BoxClever program in 2012, a voluntary initiative to provide kids with breakfast clubs, coaching sessions, and work placements related to sports and homework.

It is said that he contributed to the transformation of the lives of young people who were graduating from school with little or no education. He is a clinical psychologist, and some of them were raised by a single parent.

Johnson and 11 other members of his team, according to Tengimfene, will arrive in East London on June 26.

He stated, “They will spend 13 days here.”

Tengimfene thanked the provincial government, including senior manager Bafundi Makubalo from the department of sport, recreation, arts, and culture, for allowing him to invite Johnson and his team.

Tengimfene stated, “These folks were here in 2019 and we adopted three orphanages, one of which is the Masizakhe Children Home in Mdantsane.”

“For Christmas last year, they sent money directly to the three orphanages.

“They likewise contributed monetarily towards the memorial service of Mhikiza Myekeni in August. They met him when we were in Belfast with Zolani; recollect Mhikiza prepared Zolani.”

He stated that by including youth and drugs in sports, they are broadening their scope.

Tengimfene stated, “The long-term plan is to establish a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center primarily for our boxers and other sporting codes.”

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