Kasi soccer coordinator hammers ‘European impact’

Bheki Zondo, the director of the well-known township soccer tournament Philliy’s Games, which is now known as DStv eKasi Champ of Champs thanks to a deal with Multichoice, has criticized the criticism of showboating in township soccer events.

He insisted that the European influence is the source of the criticism.

Zondo’s competition and others in the municipalities, are inseparable from insane showing-off, provoking pundits pummeling freestyling pattern as over the top and keeping down the nearby game.

Zondo did not hold back when he spoke at the eKasi Champ of Champs’ launch and draw on Tuesday night at the Konka nightclub in Soweto. He insisted that they do not want any aspect of European football in township games. The eKasi Champ of Champs director went on to say that even without showboating, the professional setup hasn’t worked.

“We need no European impact into our football since that is the explanation our football stays put. We enjoy imitating Europeans and forgetting who we are. For what reason don’t we do what we be aware? So, here it is freestyle; we are allowing players to do what they want and best,” Zondo stated.

We have a professional football league, which is a formal football league, but we are not moving anywhere. We are going nowhere, where are we going there? Presently, for what reason don’t we do what we are most popular for, which is the style. Kasi football is the way, and it has a future.

From June 16 to July 2, the second eKasi Champ of Champs will be held in partnership with KwaMahlobo Games of Soweto. The tournament, which will feature eight teams, will be held at the KwaMahlobo grounds in Meadowlands and the Moletsane sports complex in Moletsane. The final will be held at the Dobsonville Stadium.

The winners of the tournament will be selected through a plate and cup competition. The group winners and runners-up will compete for the Cup’s main prize, which is R250,000, in a round-robin format. The last two groups in the two gatherings will play for R70,000 (Plate area).

This opposition had every one of the bosses from east, north, west, south and focal Gauteng areas play in five qualifier competitions with eight groups for each competition from the encompassing municipalities. Along with Ramokoka United (North West), Ramatlaohle (Limpopo), and Phaphama (Mpumalanga), three invitational champions from outside Gauteng, the winners of these five tournaments qualified for the tournament.

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