In the new film Seconds, Kunene plays the lead role.

In the upcoming film Seconds, legendary actor Vusi Kunene had to work hard to deliver a strong performance.

The carefully prepared entertainer plays a lead job In a moment or two, which debuted on Amazon Prime on June 2.

Kunene depicts the job of a veteran fighter.

Mmabatho Mogomotsi, Toni Caprari, Carl Nel, Matie Van Graan, and Adrian Alper, among others, appear alongside Kunene.

Seconds, written by Andrico Goosen and directed by Liese Kuhn, is the moving story of Seconds Khumalo, an elderly boxer from the East Rand.

Kunene stated the following during the screening of the film: I am aware that I have always been compared to Jack Mabaso, the character he played on Generations and Generations: Seconds, on the other hand, I believed that the script was directing me, and I allowed it to do so. As a result, the strategy was different, but boxing was the only thing that made me work hard because of its technicalities.

At first, the film was a performance center show that was written in 2018-2019.

Seconds shows a compelling tapestry of human emotions outside of boxing, including the complexities of love, loyalty, and identity search.

The setting of the story is a small town where Afrikaans people still rule and are feared.

In the movie, a boxer named Seconds must fight until his death to repay a man who has provided him with a home, a job, and even taken his son to school.

Even though his old body won’t let him fight anymore, his boss keeps pushing him to do more in the ring.

Kuhn stated, The team delves into the intricate dynamics of the Khumalo and Van Tonder families in Seconds, in which Seconds works at their family butchery while training as a boxer.

Tensions rise as the story progresses because long-buried secrets and unresolved traumas begin to surface. As Seconds’ child, Lukas Khumalo, leaves on a promising political career,his goals unconsciously strain his dad’s relationship with Dad Van Tonder, the patriarch of the family.

“What follows is an excursion of self-revelation as Seconds battles for his boxing profession as well as for the rebuilding of his family and recovering his own life.”

One of the leader makers of the film, Vuyelwa Booi, said: ” We can’t wait to see this stunning piece of art come to life.

“For us, making a sports drama movie, this is new territory. We decided to order it because the story was so beautiful. Amazing has been the journey.

The movie is scheduled to release on July 13 on eVOD.

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