During the Mamelodi shootout, a Hawks officer and three suspects were killed.

A shootout that took place in Mamelodi on Thursday during a sting operation resulted in the deaths of three suspects and one Hawks Tactical Operations Management Section (Toms) member.

A tip about suspects at the house armed with high-caliber rifles had been given to the officers.

Falcons representative Brigadier Nomthandazo Mbambo said a shoot-out resulted when the officials raged the house on Thursday.

“A shootout broke out as the suspects fired at the members as they got closer to the address. Mbambo stated that three suspects were shot to death and one TOMS member was wounded to death.

Several guns, according to her, were seized during the operation.

He stated, “The proliferation of illegal firearms in our communities not only results in the murder of innocent lives but also robs us of the lives of police officers who have sworn to defend this country and its inhabitants.”

A police officer who worked for the SAPS crime intelligence unit was killed in April while he and a colleague were responding to a reported crime scene in which diesel was stolen from a mine in Mpumalanga.

Captain Dineo Lucy Sekgotodi, a Hawks spokesperson in Mpumalanga, stated that while driving on the road, the officers encountered a yellow diesel bowser truck that matched the description, made a U-turn, and stopped the heavy vehicle.

Additionally, it is alleged that three males got out of the truck and began shooting at the officers. One member was shot during the process and later passed away from his wounds; the other member sustained serious injuries and was transported to a Middelburg hospital for treatment,” Sekgotodi stated at the time.

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