Celebrities from Mzansi spill the beans on “The Green Room” podcast

Zola Hashatsi, an actor who has appeared in well-known shows like Rhythm City, is no stranger to getting together with other famous people in green rooms before filming his scenes. So, who better to host a fascinating podcast that takes you inside the entertainment industry in Mzansi?

As part of the brand’s expanded entertainment offerings, TimesLIVE subscribers can only listen to an original podcast called The Green Room.

Hashatsi is joined by a local A-lister in each hour-long episode to learn insider information about their rise to fame, most prominent roles, experiences on the sets of popular shows and movies, and more.

Guests include:

  • Mbulelo Katise, an actor, musician, screenwriter, and director who has appeared in films like Expiry Date and The Queen.
  • Ishmael Songo, one of the youngest actors in the Oscar-winning Tsotsi movie from South Africa.

Since then, he has appeared in shows like The Wife.

  • Entertainer, vocalist, artist and choreographer Nyaniso Dzedze, who depicted Simba in BeyoncĂ©’s strong visual collection Dark Is Above all else.
  • Mathews Rantsoma, an actor who is most well-known for his role on Scandal!

Entertainer Kagiso Rathebe, whose resume features incorporate Ages: Scandal, The Legacy, and How to Ruin Christmas

Enjoy a taste of The Green Room by listening to this portion of Hashatsi’s interview with Rathebe, during which the Scandal! The villain discusses how to behave on set, how his mom helped him get started in the entertainment business, and why he was initially reluctant to be called an “actor slash model.”

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